BATMACHINE has reached the goal of one year of activities this June 2024. In fact, after one year from starting the project, the BATMACHINE Consortium gathered in Eibar, Basque Country, for the second project General Assembly, hosted by our partner TEKNIKER.

Similarly to the first General Assembly in Rome, the partners took turns into presenting the work brought forward so far. Specifically, the partners dealing with the machinery development, such as FOM, SKZ, NFT and TEKNIKER, are approaching the first testing of the available new machinery. Moreover, the digitalisation and application of Artificial Intelligence in the BATMACHINE new machinery is also going forward, conducted by SINTEF.

Regarding the energy, cost and sustainability assessment, VUB is carrying out the work on the next report, while organising the first of the BATMACHINE thematic workshops, to be held after summer.

Finally, the Consortium visited the TEKNIKER premises, from workshops to laboratories. The General Assembly host provided a comprehensive overview of TEKNIKER’s assets, activities and expertise in manufacturing, research and innovation.

TEKNIKER guiding the BATMACHINE Consortium through their workshops

BATMACHINE upcoming activities

The remaining months of 2024 will be quite busy for the project. In fact, BATMACHINE will be joining a few events organised by related projects. Firstly, the LOLABAT project Final Event in September will see the participation of our Scientific Coordinator. In this event, we will bring the BATMACHINE concepts and provide an overview of how we are tackling the target of a more sustainable battery cell production. Moreover, also in September, the LiPlanet project is organising a technical workshop on drying and sustainability-related processes in battery manufacturing.

Finally, in November, BATMACHINE is planning to participate in the International Battery Production Conference 2024 in Braunschweig. It will be one of the best venues to connect with experts of the field, as well as showcase the project to its main stakeholders.

BATMACHINE Advisory Board

Additionally, during the BATMACHINE Assembly, the Consortium met for the first time the Advisory Board members. Thanks to the partners’ networks and liaisons with related EU projects, BATMACHINE has formed its Advisory Board. The group will receive regular updates on the project progress and activities, while providing feedback to steer the direction of Consortium’s work. Advisory Board members have all technical backgrounds useful to provide insightful feedback and guidance to the project.

The BATMACHINE Advisory Board consists of (alphabetically):

Stay Tuned with BATMACHINE

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