Gathering 11 partners from 7 countries, the BATMACHINE project kicked off on June 13th, 2023, in Brussels, at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) premises.

To answer the needs to find less impactful and more sustainable ways to provide energy in Europe, the European Commission is pushing forward towards the NetZero2050 goals through research and innovation programmes, such as Horizon Europe. In this context, under the CINEA umbrella, the BATMACHINE project has started. Specifically, its main objective is to improve and strengthen the EU battery cell manufacturing supply chain, by innovating the machinery needed for the production of battery cells. To achieve this, efficiency optimisation of resources and the introduction of digitalised systems for monitoring energy and raw material consumption will be key to the success of BATMACHINE.


The BATMACHINE Consortium is composed of 11 members from all over Europe, putting together universities, battery cell industrial manufacturers, SMEs, research & technology organisations and battery cell production machinery manufacturers.

Coordinated by Vrije Universiteit Brussels, leading Belgian university with one of the most advanced Engineering departments in the EU, the team comprises RWTH Aachen University,  four battery cell manufacturers (Netzsch Feinmahltechnik – NFT, Pomega, Cegasa, Leclanché), four Research & Technology Organisations (TEKNIKER, SKZ, SINTEF/SINTEF Ocean), two SMEs (Deep Blue, FOM Technologies).

At the Kick-off meeting, held at the VUB premises in Brussels on June 13th, 2023, the BATMACHINE Consortium met with Project Officer Giulia Moggia from CINEA. Initially, BATMACHINE Project Officer welcomed the Consortium and listened to the overview of the project activities, aims and expected results. Later on, she shared the EU sustainability goals behind the project. In fact, such goals are a crucial part of the European Green Deal, the initiative aimed to contrast climate change and environmental degradation.

Taking turns, the partners presented their role within BATMACHINE, detailing the work packages and tasks under their responsibility. To conclude, the Consortium recapped the administrative and financial arrangements.

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