Project Overview & Main Purpose

To meet future battery demand, the battery manufacturing sector must become greener and more cost-effective. This can be achieved by reducing the energy consumption during production and by incorporating digital tools to enhance the entire process.

BATMACHINE project is a Horizon Europe-funded initiative that aims to boost Europe’s sustainable industrial battery cell manufacturing value chain by developing an optimised machinery with intelligent control processes to minimise costs, waste and energy consumption.

The core vision of BATMACHINE is to improve and strengthen EU battery cell industrial production by developing new manufacturing machines that minimise energy required for production, increase efficiency rates, and integrate AI-based control processes to reduce scrap.

Are you eager to know more about BATMACHINE and how it will achieve its aim and objectives? Check out the About page and learn more on the project methodology! 


To achieve its goal of developing and optimising EU battery cell production, BATMACHINE is taking a holistic approach that includes not only the development of new machinery, but also the integration of plants and sites, as well as the optimisation of energy and material consumption. 

To address this issue, BATMACHINE identified 6 relevant objectives: 

Develop new battery cell manufacturing machinery, with priority given to minimising the energy required for cell production, and to improving of plant efficiency

Implement intelligent quality control processes and Industry 4.0 to enable the site integration and optimisation

Optimise cost and energy consumption of the battery manufacturing process, including the integration of low carbon and low emission energy sources

Implement environmental standards at the design stage and analyse the environmental and social impacts of different machinery and supply chains to suggest best practices

Develop a horizontal integration procedure of the European battery process equipment supply chain into the growing production of giga-scale battery cells

Enable and intensify a deeper collaboration between different stakeholders, such as battery process equipment companies, industrial-scale cell manufacturers, materials, energy, and other supply chain sectors benefiting from sector coupling